Welcome to Risley Saddlery's bit department of the website.

We stock both imported and English bits. The Availability of English bit sizes are endless. Mouthpieces start as small as 3" and can go up to 7"-8". Bit cheeks are interchangeable with various mouthpieces, giving a wider variety of bits and possibilities of control. For example; a French Link mouthpiece can be used with at least 10 varieties of cheeks.

There are 7 possible points of control on the horse;

4 within the mouth:

  • The Bars

  • The Corners

  • The Tongue

  • The Rood

3 external to the mouth:

  • The Poll

  • The Nose

  • The Curb Groove

Bits can be put into distinct categories dependant upon which of these seven areas they act upon and in what combination.



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