Night Before Christmas Book

Night Before Christmas Book

Price: £14.50

Hundreds of years after the classic tale The Night Before Christmas was first published, Fergus, the world's most popular cartoon horse, shares his own holiday adventure in the skies. And a very different sort of escapade it is!

Accompanied by his team of faithful equine friends (and a familiar merry coachman clothed in red and white), Fergus bravely bounds from rooftop to rooftop-with only the occasional crash, bumble, and stumble along the way.

But when he and his motley hitch of horses seem destined to botch the most important night of the year, the fate of a sleigh-load of Christmas presents (literally) hangs in the air. What will it take to secure Santa's precious load and get the goodies down the chimney in time?

From the jingle-jangle of the harness to the occasional buck from behind, Fergus's newest exploits are hilarious holiday fun for all.

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